Part 2, book assignment

Description of the environment.
I think that almost everything in this book is hard to get a grip of, but I'll do my best to describe the environment as well. In the first few chapters I feel like the book takes place on the backstreets of London, where there's poverty and diseases everywhere you look. I get the sense that it's dirty and messy everywhere, even in the places where the people live, and I don't think that you can call it houses, because it feels like it's something similar to a cave or something else that is very primitive. After about five chapters, Ivy gets a chance to move to a boardingschool, and I feel like she doesn't have the choice to stay where she is. I haven't actually gotten to the part where she is at school, but I feel like it can't get much worse than where she was before.

Part 1, book assignment

"Ivy" by Julie Hearn.
At first, it's a bit hard to understand which of the characters is the main character, because there isn't anyone who's named Ivy, and once Ivy enters, she is extremly quiet and a really pale character. It's hard to describe her, just because she keeps to herself and doesn't really make much noise. She almost seems frightened of everything and everyone around her, which isn't that hard to understand because apparantly life hasn't been that good to her. She doesn't speak at all in the first few chapters, which makes it hard to get a grip of her character, although I think that it makes you want to continue reading, it really intrigues you to know more about her, and what made her like this.

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